FireGuard Factory Certified

With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, Watson Brothers Chimney & Vent is proud to have technician, Austin Campbell, on our team to serve the community. As a trustworthy and highly ranked system, Austin is certified and utilizes the FireGuard chimney repair system to seal and strengthen flues.

The FireGuard system is a patented repair system that is used to penetrate flue liner fractures, correct dangerous misalignments and fill and reinforce open mortar joints. As by-products deposit within the cracks and damaged areas of chimneys, they quickly become flammable hazards. No matter the severity of your flue issues they all have the potential to put not only your chimney and home in danger but also those living within. This is easily avoidable with the implementation of regular chimney inspections and repairs.

During the repair process, our team will employ a vibrating unit along with proprietary ceramic material down the flue of your chimney to ensure that every crack, chip or break is properly sealed and secured. The vibrating aspect of the FireGuard Factory system is an integral part of the repair process as it ensures that the flue is not only smoothly sealed but that the structure is also properly reinforced. By utilizing this unique system we are able to repair any shape and size flue while guaranteeing it passes industry and safety standards.

As a professional in the industry, our technician has obtained the certifications necessary to knowledgeably make use of the FireGuard factory machinery and materials. As a FireGuard factory trained installer we can ensure that our services are performed with high quality products and are long lasting. At Watson Brothers Chimney & Vent, we make it a priority to educate ourselves on the industry standards and offerings in order to serve you the best we can and keep your family safe for years to come.

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