A beautiful fireplace is the centerpiece for any room that it is in. There are many ways to keep your mantel looking stunning while also making sure you are keeping the fireplace safe. Hiring a chimney sweep is a perfect way to ensure you are keeping your fireplace safe in case of a fire hazard. In order to keep your fireplace looking great, you must also make sure to keep it clean. One of the easiest ways to decorate your fireplace is decorating it for each holiday and/or season. We have provided the best ways to decorate your mantel for any time of the year:


Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate your fireplace for. Some decorations include adding pumpkins on top of your mantel or adding candles. A safe way to put candles on the mantel without the risk of creating a fire hazard is to use battery-operated candles. Because of the various sizes of pumpkins, smaller pumpkins are the safer size to add to the top of your mantel. To make things a little spookier, you can add decorations above the fireplace like fake bats, ghosts, or spider webs.


There are various fun ways to decorate your fireplace for the fall. You can add various colors of fall flowers along with various fall fruits and vegetables. Those fruits and vegetables can include apples, gourds, and flint corn. Flint corn is corn with different colored kernels. Adding a cornucopia with the various different fruit and vegetables related to fall and thanksgiving would look great over the fall flowers on a mantel. Even though it is not Halloween, pumpkins would still be a great idea to add to your mantel in the fall.


Christmas is one of the major holidays people decorate their mantel for. Even if you do not decorate your mantel for any other holiday. There are various ways to decorate your fireplace for Christmas. One way can be to add garland over the top of it. Some people can add ornaments, pinecones, and/or cranberries all in their garland.

Adding lights around your garland would be a nice touch, but could be dangerous. Luckily, there are ways to make sure you can add lights to your mantel safely. An alternative for adding lights to your mantel would be using light-reflective chrome or ornaments to add a sparkle. Adding stockings is a staple piece when decorating your mantel for Christmas. Another way to decorate is by adding Christmas and Holiday cards to the top of the mantel. Some people may even add a wreath above the fireplace.

Valentine’s Day

Most people might not decorate for Valentine’s Day, but it could be fun to change up the mantel decorations after the New Year. There are simple ways to add a touch of pink and red to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Some garland with hearts around the mantel or even pink and red pom poms is a great way to change up your mantel. A bowl of heart candy is also a fun decoration to have around the house. It is a sweet treat for when guests come over while enjoying your fireplace.


Easter is another fun holiday to decorate for but it could be overlooked. Adding pops of pastel on the mantel whether that's with garland or an Easter bunny, are great ways to add decor for the Easter holiday. To get into the holiday spirit, you can add battery-operated candles, crosses, and pastel-colored flowers. Tulips are a popular flower during that time of year. If you have children and they need a fun activity, they can decorate the Easter eggs that are on display on the mantel.


A simple way to keep your mantel decorated year-round could just be adding flowers on top. A pretty vase with some pretty flowers is the perfect addition to add something fun to a simple mantel. Inside the fireplace, you can place the wood there to add a rustic feel to your home. Another way to decorate your mantel is by adding some garland that can be used year-round. The garland can be a neutral color that goes with everything or a color that matches the specific color scheme in your room. Mirrors are a great decoration to hang above your fireplace. They are able to make a room look bigger and brighter. In order to add a pop of color, you can have a painting or a different wreath depending on the time of the year.

Decorating Your Mantel Safely

Ways to decorate your fireplace safely include making sure you are using items that are not flammable. Ensuring you are using products that are not flammable is one of the main ways to ensure you are keeping your fireplace. Making sure your decorations are secure on the mantel is very important to keep your fireplace safe. It is also important to not decorate your fireplace while there is a fire burning so you do not risk dropping anything into the fire.

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