As fall approaches and the weather cools down, it is time to prepare your fireplace for the fall and winter. Whether you are decorating your mantel or cleaning your chimney, there are many ways to prepare for the new season. To make sure your family is safe, there are a few precautionary measures to check before building your first fire of the season. Here are some tips to stay safe while also staying warm this season!

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Check Firewood

All firewood is not the same. Soft wood and wood that has not been seasoned can be dangerous to burn in your fireplace. Make sure you are purchasing hardwood like oak from your wood supplier. It is important to make sure the wood has been split and stored in a dry area for less than six months to ensure your safety when burning firewood.

Check Wood Moisture

The purpose of checking the moisture of firewood helps make sure it is burning effectively. Using a moisture meter will make sure your wood has been seasoned properly. This will help make sure your food burns properly and safely.

Check and Clean the Blower

The blower makes sure your chimney is operating correctly and keeping your home warm. Not all fireplaces have blowers, but they usually have another type of filter. Over time, debris builds up in the blower, so it must be inspected and cleaned.

Check Gasket Material

Gasket material helps prevent unwanted gasses from escaping into your home and keeps unwanted oxygen out. Too much oxygen can cause your fire to burn faster and hotter, risking a fire in your home. Everyone wants their fireplace to be warm and cozy, so too much heat can be uncomfortable.

Inspect for Any Damage

After checking the blower and gasket material, it is important to check for any other damage. You should look for cracks, chips, and any missing mortar. Make sure the ashtray is not bent to the point where it doesn’t close completely. These tasks may seem tedious, but they are important to keep your family safe and warm.

Decorating for Fall

There is nothing like an inviting fireplace in the fall. While there are many ways to decorate your mantel year-round, getting it ready for fall can be exciting because there are so many different ideas.

Pumpkins and Leaves

Some great fall decorations include pumpkins on the mantel and fall leaves wrapped around the mantel. This can include gourds and flint corn too! You can incorporate various fall colors such as red, orange, and yellow.

White Mantels

White mantels can make the fall decorations stand out. The neutral color balances out the business of the fall colors and decor. This way the mantel does not feel overpowered by all the decor.


Fall candles are a must in almost any room. The pumpkin spice scents bring the feeling of fall to life in any room. You will feel warm and cozy wrapped in a plaid blanket, candle lit watching the fire burn.


Firewood can be used as decor! Keeping it close to your fireplace makes it easy access to replenish your fire. Keeping your fireplace stored in an iron-wired basket or any basket that screams fall can help enhance the fall feeling.

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