Once you have a fireplace, you’ll never go back! Fireplaces can provide many wonderful advantages to you and your family that you might have never thought about. Check out this list by Watson Brothers Chimney & Vent to learn about the numerous benefits of having a well-serviced home fireplace.

1. Fireplaces Create A Cozy Atmosphere

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine an evening sitting by the fireplace. Perhaps you picture yourself watching the flames flicker as you smell the woodsy aroma and feel the fire’s warmth with your loved ones. You can snuggle up with hot chocolate, s’mores, and a book next to it on a chilly night, or even save money on a night out by having a romantic date at home, lit by the glow from your fireplace!

2. Fireplaces Provide Backup Heating

If the electricity just went out, not to fret! Your fireplace can provide backup heating so you don’t have to wait around cold, hungry, and in the dark before the utility company restores power. As long as you understand how to improve your chimney fire and stay safe, you can feel peace of mind knowing you can cook over your fireplace, use it for much-needed light and cuddle up next to it for warmth in an emergency.

3. Fireplaces Lower Utility Costs

Who doesn’t want to save on energy bills? Having an alternative source of heat in your house allows you to remove some weight from a centralized furnace system and have an energy-efficient home. You would also be helping the planet by lowering your consumption of fossil fuels and generated electricity.

4. Fireplaces Will Elevate Your Interior Design

If you don’t have the perfect centerpiece of your home yet, look no further! A fireplace can “wow” your guests as a timeless focal point in your interior design and serve as a gathering place for special family memories. You can design it the way you like and dress it up throughout the year to match the season, from a spring floral showcase to a merry stocking and garland display.

5. Fireplaces Add Value to Your Home

With all of these benefits in mind, it’s easy to understand how a fireplace could increase your home’s value. The National Association of Realtors found fireplaces to be one of the most sought-after features in a house and that they add about 12% to the selling price of your home. They’re a desirable feature in the current real estate market and can add an appeal that makes reselling your house a quicker and easier process. Fireplaces are one of the most cost-effective home investments out there, especially because you don’t need any additional square footage for the feature.

How Our Chimney Services Can Help You!

There are several things you should keep in mind if you’re considering buying a home with a chimney, such as understanding different types of fireplaces, getting regular inspections and cleanings, and being prepared for fire safety. Upkeep services are essential to ensure your family can enjoy the fireplace for years to come!

At Watson Brothers Chimney & Vent, we can provide high-quality, reliable chimney services for your fireplace. Our goal is to serve families and ensure their homes are safe, properly serviced, and comfortable. With a certified technician on-site and detailed inspections performed for each of our clients, Watson Brothers Chimney & Vent can ensure long-lasting repairs and service at affordable prices. Contact us today to allow us to service the centerpiece of your home!

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