Housewife cleanup lints and dirt from tumble dryer filter. Clothes dryer lint filter that is covered with lint. Taking the lint out from dirty air filter of the dryer machine before use the machine.

Dryer vents are a crucial part of our living space. We rely on them to filter out excess lent, moisture, and heat from our homes. While it is important to have a professional maintain them routinely, most of us skip the most critical part from the start- investing in an efficient dryer vent system. The composition and material of a dryer vent are crucial not only for filtering out impurities from our homes but also for preventing fires and irreparable damage to people and their homes. Read on to learn about two of the dryer vent systems you should invest in and the two you should avoid.

Rigid Metal Vents

Having a durable dryer vent is the most important aspect to look for in a dryer system. Investing in a smooth and resistant system will help lint pass through easily, which decreases the chances of a clogged dryer. When your dryer system runs smoothly without lint buildup, your chances of a fire are substantially decreased. Additionally, a durable dryer vent is also prone to clearer airflow. When the airflow from your dryer to the vent runs smoothly, your dryer run time is substantially decreased. Having a fast-running dryer is essential to your errand time, energy bills, and your overall safety. On the more surface-level side, having a professional install a rigid metal vent can do wonders for the aesthetics of your home. Having a pristine and clean-cut dryer vent can be better matched to the decor of your laundry room. With the help of a professional, your dryer system can be properly evaluated and installed to fit best for your space and be danger-free.

Short Vent Run

Similarly to a rigid metal vent, having a short vent run in your home can also increase the safety and appearance of your laundry room. A shorter vent duct can reduce drying time by nearly 30% compared to a longer one. Even more so, Certified Master Inspector Nich Gromickogoes further to highlight the dangers and lethality of having a dryer vent run over 35 feet. Not only can a short vent run cut your drying time exponentially, but having a shorter vent also decreases lint accumulation. It is important to invest in a shorter dryer duct to decrease the frequency of having to get your dryer vent cleaned. Having a shorter dryer duct means there is less space for lint to travel, making an effective filter. With a professional, finding the perfect short vent duct makes your life easier in more ways than one.

Flexible Foil Vents

On the other hand, flexible foil vents are dryer systems you want to stay away from. Having a flexible foil vent, unlike a rigid vent, can be infamous for lint buildup. Because a foil vent is not precise and sturdy, it is prone to getting kinks and sags. These places are perfect for lent to get stuck in, increasing the risk of a dryer fire, and prolonging drying time. Aside from the structure of a foil vent, the foil material is highly flammable in itself. Switching to a more durable material like metal can decrease this risk.

Rib-Ridden and Screw-Filled Vents

We are at risk of various issues when there are excess ribs and screws inside our vent duct. We are aware of the dangers of lint build-up, and ribs and screws are ideal items for collecting the lint that passes through the vent. Since cleaning the ribs and screws inside the vent is challenging, lint build-up is an even greater risk. Extra parts in our dryer vents like ribs and screws also can accumulate mold. Mold is complicated to get rid of in a dryer system, but it also affects airflow and air quality in your home.

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