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If you use your fireplace regularly, you probably understand the importance of annual chimney inspections and cleanings. However, there are often surprises lurking in chimneys that even experienced homeowners don't expect.

Here are three common items that chimney sweeps often discover inside chimneys:

Animal Nests

It is quite common for birds and small animals such as squirrels to build their nests inside chimneys. The warmth and protection offered by the structure make it an attractive spot for nesting. However, these unwelcomed guests and their nesting materials pose a serious fire hazard and can also obstruct the airflow. Installing a chimney cap can help discourage critters, but it is essential to have your chimney inspected regularly. A professional chimney sweep can safely remove any nests and prevent future animal inhabitation.

Lost Personal Items

Over the years, it is quite common for small possessions like toys, hats, and jewelry to accidentally fall into the fireplace. Due to gravity, these lost items end up collecting inside your chimney. Even metal items like coins and necklaces can dislodge from between the bricks and end up inside the chimney. Professional chimney sweeps are trained to thoroughly clean and inspect the inside of chimneys, which enables them to uncover and return any long-lost personal belongings to their rightful owner.

Hidden Creosote Deposits

Many people who own chimneys are aware of creosote; the black, deposited residue that comes from wood smoke. However, what most people don't know is that over time creosote can bake and harden into a glaze that sticks to the interior of the chimney. This rock-hard glaze is difficult to detect from the fireplace and can be extremely dangerous. Experienced chimney sweeps use special tools to identify and remove these hazardous creosote deposits during cleaning.

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