When summer temperatures soar, the last thing you want is for hot air to continuously stream down your chimney and into your home. Without a quality chimney cap, your chimney acts as a funnel from the outside world to the comforting inside. This allows the hot summer air to overpower your home's air conditioning system, causing your HVAC equipment to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The solution? Install a chimney cap to seal off your chimney flue when it's not in use during warmer months. Watson Chimney has outlined the importance of having a chimney cap and the several benefits it provides in the summer.

Keeps Cool Air In

With a cap in place, your chimney can no longer act as an exhaust vent for your air-conditioned air to escape through. While a cap acts as a physical barrier between your chimney and the warm air outside, it equally acts as a barrier between the chimney and your cool air inside. This maintains better efficiency and cooling power.

Blocks Outdoor Air Infiltration

Even on mildly warm days, the stack effect can draw hot outdoor air down an uncapped chimney shaft and into your living spaces. The chimney cap blocks this unwanted introduction of heat and humidity into your cool home. Not only does this make your household more comfortable, but it also helps to reduce your AC bills!

Prevents Pest Entry

Chimneys are a popular nesting spot for birds, squirrels, and other pests if left uncapped. This is especially true for the summer months when all new kinds of wildlife are rampant in your vicinity. In order to most effectively keep these unwanted pests away, investing in a cap with mesh screening is optimal because it allows exhaust to vent while keeping out unwanted guests and debris. Researching the different types of chimney caps and the benefits they provide to your home is crucial in finding the one just right for you.

Guards Against Water Entry

During the warm and wet season, rainfall can pose damage to your chimney. A cap with a solid top prevents these leaks from trickling down the flue and causing water damage to your chimney and your home. It also stops leaves and sticks from clogging up the chimney, debris that often accompanies rainfall.

How We Can Help

With a cap, you can enjoy cooler indoor temperatures and lower energy costs all summer long. At Watson Brothers Chimney and Vent, we install high-quality lock-in and slip-over chimney caps to fit any chimney configuration. In addition to regular installations, our trained professionals perform maintenance, replacements, and repairs for your chimney and vents. Contact us today to learn how we can create a more comfortable and safer environment for you and your home.

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