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At Watson Brothers Chimney & Vent, we are fully equipped to conquer any of your chimney and vent needs. Often overlooked, lack of chimney and vent cleaning, inspections and repairs can lead to detrimental consequences such as house fires and smoke damage. Regularly servicing your chimney and vent protects your home and ensures that it is not a hazard to your family.

Services completed by our certified professionals guarantee that your chimney and vent cleaning, inspection, and repairs will be completed correctly and in accordance with necessary regulations. We pride ourselves on providing high quality services and lasting repairs at affordable prices.

Your Chimney, our Specialty.

As the centerpiece of the home, a fireplace can provide a warm and comfortable environment for all if properly inspected and maintained. Unfortunately, many often look past or forget the upkeep necessary to maintain a safe and fire hazard free chimney.

Whether your chimney is performing improperly or simply has not been examined this season, our certified technicians can thoroughly inspect, repair and clean chimneys of all types. If these services are done regularly, the effectiveness and performance of your fireplace and chimney will stay consistent and safe, so that you do not have to worry next time you gather around the fireplace. No matter your chimney needs, we have you covered.

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Don’t let Your Dryer Vent get Overlooked.

While many clean out the dryer lint trap, the accumulation of lint in the vent system is often forgotten. By restricting the air flow causing the dryer to run longer and at higher temperatures in order to complete a cycle, clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires.

We know that cleaning out your vents can be a complicated and messy process, so let us help. Our technicians can properly remove all lint and debris, and repair if needed, in order to ensure your vent is up to code and not a potential fire hazard. Our experts are knowledgeable in both cleaning and repairing any of your dryer vent components for lasting efficient function.

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