Chimney Services

Let us Service the Centerpiece of Your Home.

Fireplaces are a perfect addition to your home, not only keeping you and your loved ones warm but also fostering so many special memories and experiences. We know that fireplace and chimney upkeep is essential to ensure that your family can enjoy time around it for many more years to come!

Let us take care of any repairs, inspections or cleaning that your chimney may need so that you can focus on your family. No matter your need, we are here from you.

Chimney Repair

A well operating chimney is vital for your daily needs and for guests to fully enjoy all that it offers.If your chimney is not functioning as it has in the past, you may be in need of a repair. Undesirable odors being produced, difficulty starting a fire, trouble opening or closing the damper and more are all calls for concern when it comes to your fireplace and chimney.

With a quick evaluation, our experienced team will be able to pinpoint any potential issue and steer you in the best direction regarding effective remedies and repairs. Using long lasting products and techniques, we are able to properly fix any problems your chimney may encounter in order for you to safely use it again.

Chimney Inspection

Just as other parts of your home require yearly inspections and check-ups, your chimney and fireplace are no exception. Our inspection method ensures that there are no blockages from previous soot build up or even natural causes like animal nests that may cause issues when using your fireplace.

No matter your chimney type, age, or size, our technicians will provide a thorough inspection to guarantee it is up to code and is ready for use. Our experts can properly report and fix any issues your chimney may have. Before you light up your fireplace for the year, have one our professionals come evaluate and inspect your chimney in order to ensure a safe season.

Chimney Cleaning

While your chimney may look clean at first glance, our professionals are able to inspect and determine any potential soot build up or blockages that may cause issues. The build up of unwanted debri can cause a cloud of smoke inside the home as it is blocked from escaping the home leading to internal smoke damage and potential allergic reactions or health problems from ingestion.

Your satisfaction, safety and health is our top priority when servicing your chimney. We know that chimney cleanings can be a messy process, but our experienced team comes prepared to make the service the least invasive to your home but most effective for your chimney and fireplace as possible.

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